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Patient Resources


You'll spend much more time out in the daily grind of the real world than in our office, so it's important to make changes that will help you heal and feel better every day.

*Are you waking up sore and stiff? It may be time for a new bed, or just a better-fitting pillow. Ask us about getting measured for a Pillowise pillow next time you are in the office. With six different sizes it's easy to find a dream-worthy match!

*Posture and movement play a crucial role in the amount of physical stress on your joints and muscles. You can start correcting your posture in less than a minute by doing Posture Pod just twice a day. Yoga is a gentle, effective way to move ALL your joints and strengthen your muscles. There are several classes in our area for all fitness levels - ask us!

*Proper nutrition gives your body the ingredients it needs to function at the cellular level. Good quality supplements and organic/non-GMO meats and produce help get the right stuff in; avoiding excess sugar and breads keep the inflammatory stuff out. We also carry Isagenix products to help you take the guesswork out of good nutrition. You are what you eat!