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Who Needs Chiropractic?

Who Needs Chiropractic?A strong, flexible spine used correctly is your best bet for enjoying a long, healthy and active life. For some people this is an achievable goal without needing to see a chiropractor. Here's what it takes:

1. Luck - to be born with great genes and no structural problems.

2. More luck so there's no history of sports, work, auto or other injury.

3. No repetitive stress from work (sitting at a desk, driving a truck, swinging a hammer) or play (sitting and knitting, driving a golf ball or swinging a tennis racket).

4. A sunny disposition to keep emotional stress from creating chronic muscle tension and poor posture.

5. Proper nutrition (aka good wholesome food) to nourish every part of your body and mind.

Now, with the above as a foundation, all it takes is the right exercise and daily stretching to have a strong, flexible spine. Do all this and you'll be blessed with an abundance of good health and vitality! You'll most likely never need a chiropractor. If you don't meet all the above criteria (and let's face it, if it were that easy you wouldn't be reading this), we strongly believe Quintessential Chiropractic can help.

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